Review of Seneca Park: By Stephanie


Seneca Park is a really popular place and has a lot to offer.  They have a nice playground with plenty of swings and 2 play sets to suit kids of different ages.  The playground is right next to the restrooms, so that is convenient!  The ground is covered in mulch and there is parking right next to it.  There are also tennis courts, ball fields, basketball courts and volleyball courts.  Many people were walking and running the trail that runs around the park and according to their website, it is 1.2  miles.   And, if you are looking for a longer path, there is a 3.1 mile cross country path. I cannot speak about this from experience because I run 3.1 miles around the playground chasing my kids, not on the path!  And, there is golf, for some kid free fun….if golfing is what you consider fun 🙂 

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