Aquatic Center…Spray FUN! By Jeanette

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Sprayground Review at Mary T. Meager Aquatic in Crescent Hill Park

Stephanie and I joined our friend, Maleah, with all our kids at the sprayground just outside the Mary T. Meager Aquatic center the other day. This was a quaint little place that had a playground and a sprayground right next to each other. The sprayground had about 4 different things spraying water up for the kids to splash around. The playground had 2 slides, some monkey bars and several things to climb. The sprayground was surrounded with concrete while the playground was surrounded by softer ground. If you need to make a potty run, just go inside the aquatic center. There were several picnic tables with shade. The play area was in the sun. Parking was right there as well. Overall, it was a nice place to go for a morning in the sun.

Thanks go to Maleah and for organizing the outing.

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