EP Tom Sawyer State Park Review By: Jeanette


We ventured over to E.P. Tom Sawyer Park recently. They have a great sand area under a big shady tree with a bench for parents to keep a close eye on the kids. It is right next to the playground which has definitely seen better days. There was only one baby swing that was duct taped together. There were four regular swings though. The playground had a few slides and the ground was covered with bark. It was nearby restrooms. They also have a nice 1 mile walking path. There are places that are a bit rocky along the path just to be aware of. They have a tennis center, an outdoor pool, a couple of picnic shelters, and trails. Also they have a BMX track that is considered one of the best in the nation. It will be the host to National BMX Grand Championship coming up this Labor Day weekend. They also have a dog bark, archery area, and a model airplane section. E.P. is a busy park with school programs that are science and history oriented and several family oriented activities on its calendar.

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