Memberships……are they worth the money?

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What is your take – is it worth it to buy a membership to places such as the zoo, science center, or Newport Aquarium? The answer is usually yes if you tend to frequent the places several times a year. The zoo is actually doing a promo for membership right now. If you purchase a membership online, you get $5 off and if you are the first 500 you will also receive a $20 gift card to Chili’s. With a zoo membership, you have some special zoo hours during June and July along with some free nights for the carousel and trams. Also you can get in free for the first 2 weeks of the Halloween Party. Check out the membership tab on the zoo website for additional savings.

The Louisville Science Center is another place to consider getting a membership. Until Aug. 31, you can get a rubber duck for purchasing a membership. Some of the perks of the science center include attending special events. You can also purchase a dual family membership to both the zoo and science center for a bit of a discount vs. buying each of them individually.

The Newport Aquarium also has the option of buying an annual pass. If you plan on going at least twice in one year, it is definitely worth getting the pass. You just need to visit more than twice to get your money’s worth. There are a few perks too that come with the pass such as discounts to the café and gift shop.

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