Review of the Kentucky State Fair By: Stephanie

Equipped with Jeanette’s double stroller that is much more compact than my own, I set out to check out the KY State Fair with my kids.  We had a few passes that a friend gave me, so we got in FREE!  We arrived at 9:15 am and were able to get parking very close to the main entrance to the exhibits.  The first thing my son saw as we were walking toward the exhibit halls was the big tractors they used for shuttles, he was very excited about the prospect of riding one of those!  He also really enjoyed talking to the huge Freddy statue, which talked back!  First, we went into the arena and watched some of the horse shows, my kids really loved seeing the horses prance around. After, we headed to the south wing and passed a massive balloon display on the way which got the attention of every kids in the building!  In the south wing, there are many things for the kids to enjoy.  Mine liked going in all of the different trucks, busses and cars that they had on display. 
Two favorites were the petting area full of animals and the state trooper tricycle town.  We also got to enjoy a kids concert on the kids stage and munch on some yummy popcorn.  Outside, we caught a little bit of a dog show and ate lunch in the country music tent while sitting on hay bales and snacking on fries and chicken tenders.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and with this cooler weather, I definitely recommend heading to the fair before it closes on Sunday!! 
Before we left, we dropped off the double stroller at the car and went back to jump on the tractor pull shuttle.  We went for a half hour ride all around the fair grounds and I am sure my son will be talking about it for a while and considering is lulled my daughter to sleep, I suppose she enjoyed it as well. 
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