Review of the KY State Fair By: Jeanette


Food, rides, food, animals, food, Kidz Biz, and did I mention food? So have you made it to the state fair yet? We recently made the trek out to the fairgrounds. It was a nice way to spend the morning despite spending $8 to park and then $8 for my ticket. (Kids 2 and under free, 12-3 year olds – $4). Fortunately it only comes once a year. The grounds open at 9am, so it wasn’t too crowded to get in and meet up with a friend and her 2 kids.

The website has a listing of the shows including music groups, variety shows, and animals. We popped in on a free horse show which our kids enjoyed for a few minutes. Then we walked over to the animal area and saw some cows. After that we headed to the South Hall to the kids area. They have a kids stage with a variety of acts, petting zoo (ducks, puppies, rabbits, cats, donkeys, etc.), and an area to learn about traffic signs with the state police while riding a tricycle to name a few of our highlights of our visit. Also by the kids stage is a diaper and nursing station is was very handy. Overall, it was a low stress visit and glad we were able to check it out. I would recommend going early if you just want to check out the fair, but also check out the website for some free shows that you may be interested in to make the trip worth the money.

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