Blackacre Conservancy Preserve in Louisville By: Jeanette

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The kids and I ventured over to Blackacre Conservancy this past weekend. Fortunately it was free. I think I had my expectations too high. It took me longer to find it because I was expecting an easier to spot sign off of Tucker Station road. However we did find it and drove back on the gravel driveway. I had a hard time trying to follow the signs on where to park. I ended up parking next to the few others cars there in a pasture. We missed the animal feedings this morning, but we still saw 2 goats and 2 horses in the pasture. We checked out the old barn and the smokehouse. Several of the buildings were marked private. We walked over to the nature center only to find it locked up as well. I was hoping to run into someone or find trail descriptions about whether a jogging stroller would be able to go on any of the trails. Unfortunately I did not see anyone around to get help and the informational kiosks did not help me out either.

On a nice note, there were chairs and tents set up for a wedding later in the afternoon. The preserve looks like it would be a great outdoor setting for a wedding.

I think I might return again when I can have another adult with me with the kids to check out the trails and hopefully the nature center would be open. I like the location of it being so close (a short drive down Taylorsville Road from Veteran’s Park). It might also be fun to come when they have re-enactors there (Sundays 1-5), but am not for sure about paying for it though.

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  • This is a nice place to go if you just want to hang out and explore nature. I've never been there when there were guides, but I do know that JCPS brings students there, so perhaps maybe it's more for the schools? I've brought my kids and allowed them to feed the animals… there's goats, donkeys, horses and cows. The trails are good, but I don't think all are good for strollers. One main trail, that goes back to a big pond, is dirt/stone. My kids (5 & 2 at the time) walked it. Blackacre is free. You can give donations if you see fit. I've never been there when I had to pay. It's a nice quiet time with the kids.

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