Caufields Halloween Parade in Louisville

Grandmother Power at Ali Center
Family Adventure Day
I took the kids to Bardstown Rd in the Highlands on Friday night to see the Halloween Parade. I did not know what to expect from my kids but was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren’t afraid of all of the Halloween costumes and decorations.  Although they were on the gross side and scary, my kids just thought they were silly and funny.  They loved the idea of sittting on the side of the street waiting for candy to come their way!  The parade was about 1 hour long and was very fun and light-hearted.  Even though people were dressed up with all sorts of blood and gore, it had a positive and fun vibe.  There were tons of families there and everyone was having a great time.  I found parking on a parallel street really easily just a few minutes before the parade began.  We will go every year! It is a must-do free event in Louisville!
Louisville Zoo Halloween
Papa Johns Pizza
KCD Open House

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