Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve in Goshen KY By: Stephanie

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My kids woke up early from their naps yesterday and since it was such a gorgeous day, we hopped in the car to try something new.  We went to Goshen to check out the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve right off of 42 near the Mahan Library.  My children love exploring and simple pleasures and they were super excited that I was bringing the dog. 
There is a small parking lot near the Nature Center. We did not go in the Nature Center since I had the dog. So, if anyone has been there and been in that building, please comment and let everyone know about it.

My kids took off running toward the nearby swings and I panned around looking for the entrance to the 8.5 miles of walking trails.  To the left, I saw an entrance and we headed that way.  You can pick up a map there!  We just started walking and my kids had a blast collecting sticks, picking the different paths to go on and crossing bridges. There are picnic tables throughout if you want to pack a treat or meal.  I am sure my kids could have stayed for a long while, but I had to get home to cook dinner! 

Although we didn’t go to it, there is a playground on the other side of the preserve. You can access it via car if you don’t want to walk across the field and back.

We will be back! I want to find the waterfalls on the next visit.  My son talked the whole way home about it and taking his Daddy there to explore more paths.  It was even cute to hear him ask me over and over, “what’s that forest place called mommy?”

Visit their website!  Occasionally, they have events there!  On December 4th from 12-3pm they are having what seems to be a fun event to bring in the holidays!

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  • Angela

    This place is one of my favorites and I am glad you took the extra little drive to visit it! Your photos are great and there is still even more to see and do there. The waterfall was dry last time we hiked since there was so little rain for so long. I can not wait to see it though! The building is only open for special events or field trips usually and has neat displays of animals and habitats, but they are stuffed actual animals like you'd see at Bass Pro Shop. Their events are good simple family fun and not usually very crowded. We got to go on a hay ride through the woods at night for the Halloween event! I do hope you will explore there again soon. The playground is a nice way to round out a visit.

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