The Best Christmas Lights in Louisville! Review of Toyland Christmas Display By: Stephanie

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This review is not from this year and some of the Toyland experience may have changed. However, according to their website, they are still up and running seven nights a week!

 Being that it’s the holiday season……instead of my usual Wednesday night drive to the Okolona area of Louisville to teach a college course, I took my son to see the Toyland Christmas lights display.  We took the Gene Snyder to the Smyrna exit, continued to Outer Loop where we made a left. Then, we made a right on Shepardsville and a left on Mile of Sunshine and came upon the house of lights on the left.

We pulled into the little circle that the house is on and parked. Some people just drive by but even in the cold, it was better to get out and walk around to see everything.  The lights are set to music and video. In the middle of the yard,  there is a huge wreath with a screen in the middle. On this screen, Santa conducts the music and there are other videos played.  There is also video to tell you about the charity for which Toyland Christmas is collecting money, The Home of the Innocents.   Each year, they also have a main event with Pap Johns pizza and hot chocolate that is their huge fundraising night. We didn’t make it this year, but I hope this post will put that into your mind to remember for next year! 
The front and side of the house is all decorated with lights and blow up characters.  They also have a small cabin-like building in the driveway that is made to be Santa’s workshop.  We peaked in the window to see the fireplace going, tree lit, toys moving and even a train zipping around the top of the room. My son oogled at the train and the man, who must live there, let James into Santa’s toyshop. James sat in Santa’s special chair and checked the place out; he thought he was quite important!  Around the side of the house, Mrs. Claus is in one window and a digital/tv Santa is in the other window and he even gives out a nice HO! HO! HO to everyone, walks around and fiddles with his candle. It’s fun!
Even though this one house is the center of attention, there are many homes nearby that decorate with lots of lights. So, in general, this little neighborhood is a great place to take an evening drive to see some lights. Everyone on their circle is decorated quite a bit!
Now, there may be more elaborate light displays or something more spectacular. But, I think this has got to be the best since it’s not just lights…..  It’s about bringing my son there, seeing him dance to the music and smile at the lights and then stop by the donation box and drop in some money to help their cause.  When these people plug in those lights each night……it’s for a bigger purpose and I commend them for their time and effort. 

They have events every year.  Pictures with Santa, a special events weekend – such fun. They have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity!

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