Homemade Christmas Gifts that Kids Can Make By: Jeanette

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Looking for some fun homemade gifts the young kids can make? Here are a few suggestions:

 Handprint Snowman Ornaments
Or Handprint Wreath that also includes a poem                 Or you can go to a paint your own pottery store and pick out a piece of pottery and have your children paint them. Be sure to check out the store’s website because they often have specials on certain days. If you go with a mug you can fill the mug with homemade Christmas goodies or the dry ingredients and recipe for Chocolate cake in a mug. Here’s our review of Paint Spot

Or make Chip Clips or Memo Clips from Clothespins: Super easy and cheap: Decorate a clothespin and have your children color it, add embellishments, or make something out of paper or foam and glue it to the clothespin. Stick a magnet to the other side. That’s it – all done. You can store the clips on the refrigerator to hang up pictures or notes when not using as chip clips.

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