Homemade Holiday Picture Frame Craft By: Stephanie

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I love giving homemade gifts from the kids to their grandparents or our other family members.  This year, I had a really cute picture of them printed up and headed to Michael’s (with my coupons of course!) and got supplies for them to make frames for these pictures.

I chose a square wooden frame, 2 small bottles of acrylic paints and holiday foam stickers knowing I already had other supplies at home.

I covered my table with our crafting vinyl table cloth, got out the painting supplies and smocks and helped the kids through the craft.  Of course, if your kids are older, they can be left alone to decorate more so than my 2 and 3 year old. First, they painted the fronts of all of the frames in one color and then I gave them another color to paint the back and edges. I kept the colors separate because I didn’t want them to blend the colors to make a mushy brown!

Then, we got out some glitter glue and smeared that all over the frames with our fingers to add a sparkle sheen.  Finally, I gave them some really nice glittered foam stickers to decorate the frames. After tehy finished, I took the frames outside and sprayed on a clear coat of paint to seal the frames and make them glossy. I cut a picture to fit and viola! a cute gift! 
My kids had a lot of fun with this because of all of the elements involved from painting, to glitter glue to stickers!
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