Make a Foam Winter Mitten Wreath By: Stephanie

Here’s a craft that’s a little more involved that you can do with your children during the winter. You can make it geared toward the holidays or just simply make it winter themed. A foam mitten wreath!

Have the kids trace the outside of their hands in the shape on mittens on foam sheets. They can do their fingers if they are a littel older and better at cutting.  Or, you can buy pre-shaped foam (like ours).  Choose colors that fit your theme. We did a general winter theme, but you can easily make one that’s red and green or shades of blue with white for Hannukah. 
Then, give them kids foam stickers to decorate the mittens. Or, cut out various shapes from the leftover foam after cutting out the mittens and they can glue those to the mittens.  You can add glitter, jewels, beads….anything really! But, the heavier it is, the more secure you need to make the hanging feature and mine might not work for you.

Cut out small rectangles of different colors that will fit the bottom of the mittens like cuffs.

Glue the bottom corners of the mittens and a bit of the sides to each other to form a circle. Alternate the mittens when gluing…..under, over, under etc.  Let the wreath dry.  Use a large foam sticker to adhere a small piece of ribbon to the back on one of the mittens to form a loop for hanging!

Hopefully, this craft ideas gives you some ideas of your own to adapt it and make a cute decoration!
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