Review of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Louisville By: Stephanie

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 Last week while running around town, I stopped in to Gigi’s Cupcakes in Louisville to pick up a treat for the kids. Thanks to the coupon that I got at a Louisville Mommies event, we were able to buy one and get one free!

The cupcakes run $3 a piece and are discounted if you buy a dozen.  Gigi’s is located on S. Hurstbourne past Sam Swope but before Taylorsville Rd.  It’s a pretty penny for just a cupcake, but I can say, it’s not JUST a cupcake. This is a decadent dessert!  There is something for everyone. They vary their menu daily but have a long list of options to drool over online.  There is no need to pay full price anyway; they always post specials on their facebook page
These cupcakes were ENORMOUS, as you can see by the picture.  I suggest eating it with a fork as there is no way you can get your mouth around this one from top to bottom.  If you are not a fan of icing, it might not be the cupcake for you. I, however, love icing and their icing is fantastic. I expected it to be very heavy because the pile of it sat so sturdy on top of the cake but it was surprisingly fluffy. I can’t say it was light, but it was not overwhelming….just right in the middle!  The cupcakes were great too. They were moist, but not too crumbly. 
My kids are young. They loved the experience of entering the shop and saying their oooooo’s and aaaaaahhhh’s over the varieties. They were stunned by the size of them.  They wanted to eat at the shop but I took the cupcakes home because there is only a window counter with stools to eat at and with two little ones, that might have been hard to handle.
These cupcakes are definitely a treat. My kids really enjoyed eating them because they knew it was something special.  I really wish they had mini-cupcakes! My kids didn’t come anywhere near finishing theirs and I think I would be more inclined to frequent their location if I knew their was a cupcake more appropriate for their size and appetite. 

If you haven’t been to Gigi’s, try it out!  And, if you are having a special event, this is a fun alternative to a cake and will surely get the same reaction out of your guests as it did from my kids!

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  • Yeah, that icing is a little ridiculous. We scraped at least 3/4 off each of ours. Seems like a waste to me. We went because we had a gift card but it is not somewhere that I would have a craving to go back. My husband agreed. Once is nice for the novelty of it though.

  • They do offer mini cupcakes, but I believe they are only available through special orders.

  • Great to know! I would love the option of mini-cupcakes when we just pop in the store though. They would be more our speed since we have little tummies. They are delish, big or small 🙂

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