Review of Lights Under Louisville By: Stephanie


Lights Under Louisville is an elaborate holiday lights display in the Louisville Mega Caverns off of Poplar Level Road.  We headed there last night to use the Groupon that I purchased for this event.

For a Sunday evening, it was jam packed! We went right after dinner and it seems the rest of Louisville did the same!  We turned off of Poplar Level Rd. and all of the traffic for the show was cued in a parking lot before being let down the road.  This wait was very short, so we were pleased. But, we didn’t know that there was more waiting to come. We had never been there before,so we had no clue how far we were away from the entrance. We traveled through an office park and found ourselves in line in a parking lot with hundreds of cars.  We waited there for about an hour. We entertained the kids with books and songs and thank goodness I found two lollipops!  They were getting quite frustrated being trapped in the car and were so happy when we finally got moving. (In case it’s needed, I did notice two porta-potties at the front of the parking lot that you wouldn’t see from your parked car. )  Be prepared for a wait. I don’t know if every night is that busy, but it certainly may be!

Down the hill we went and into the Louisville Mega Cavern.  You pay or turn in your Groupon pass/coupon at the bottom of the hill.  They give you a booklet full of coupons for other area venues (good coupons!) and you turn off your headlights.  You enter the cavern in single file and travel at less than 10 mph through the display.

They have themes of lights throughout the cavern.  There are at least 500 lighted figures ranging from Santa in a helicopter to dancing snowmen. There’s Santa’s Summer Vacation, Christmas Candyland, Reindeer Flying School and more.  You roll down your windows (it’s not cold in there) and listen to the holiday music blast. My kids screamed and pointed in excitement over all of the figures.  They absolutely loved it and for this, the wait was worth it.  As an adult, I was simply the driver.  I enjoyed it, but for me, it was more about the kids loving it(mine are 3 and 2) it was a wonderland of flashing lights and fun music for them.  Even the next morning, my son built a block cave to put over his train tracks and told me that it was a Christmas lights cave!

Prices start at $25 per car. You can stop in at the Wendy’s at the corner of Poplar Level Rd and Taylor to get a $5 off coupon for use on Sundays-Thursdays.

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