Simple Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornament Craft By: Stephanie

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First, I swear my daughter painted these sticks and not just her face and hands!  Anyway, we have been stuck inside due to stomach bugs and then colds and croup, so we have been doing some crafting. I have had to be quite creative since I wasn’t taking them to the store to get supplies! I looked at what we had and decided we could swing making some popsicle stick ornaments.  

My kids are young (3 and 2) so we can’t get too intricate with the details and design, so we made simple ornaments. We used acrylic paint so it would flake off or bleed like kid paint would. Since it’s not washable, we covered the table and the kids wore big, old shirts for smocks.  First, I dumped a bunch of popsicle sticks in front of them and told them to paint like crazy.  I didn’t care if they were perfect and all covered with paint, it’s more handmade and innocent when they are imperfect!  I gave my son the red and my daughter the green. Of course, halfway through, they HAD to have each other’s colors, so we switched.  They painted dozens!  We set them to dry for a few minutes and painted on paper while we waited. 
With the painted sticks, I helped my son make the frames.  We put out two sticks apart from each other and I had him put glue all down the sticks. Then, we layed more sticks across the glue to make the solid back.  We did 2 more across for the top and bottom frame border and then 2 up and down to finish the frame.  We let the glue set and made another.  
A star/snowflake was really easy for my 2 year old to handle.  I helped her put a dot of glue in the middle and the place the stick down, then dot, then stick etc.  We let it dry and made more!  When we ran out of sticks, the first ornaments were set enough to add some sparkle. I used tubles of glitter glue/paint. They just squeezed out little drops and I helped them do the lines.  You can glue buttons, sequins, glitter, rhinestones, beads etc. 
For the strings, I just used some wrapping ribbon and glued them on the back.  I used some paper clips to secure the ribbon while it dried because otherwise, they kept coming off while the glue was wet!  Make sure for the frame that you put the ribbon on the top such that the opening to slide the picture in is on the side. This way, when you put the picture in, it rests a popsicle and won’t slip out!

You can find other ideas online, like stars, a sled or a snowflake      I wrote the kids’ names and the date on the back with permanent marker. They will be cute gifts!
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