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It’s Monday, and for those of you facing another week of driving to and from school, sports practice, and dance lessons – enter your families busy weekly activities here- I want to suggest a collection of materials that may spark your child’s creativity and provide some in-between entertainment.

These supplies are inspired by the Speed Art Museum’s Art Sparks Interactive Gallery. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit yet, the gallery is located on the lower level of the Speed Art Museum.

One activity at Art Sparks is called Mirror Mirror (pictured on the right) where families can sit in front of one of two Plexiglass boards and draw with dry erase markers directly on the Plexiglass. Since two people can sit on opposite sides and see each other, a fun activity is to trace each other’s faces, bodies, etc.

This week’s creative activity involves creating your own travel size flexible use drawing board. Here is what you can start with.

1 Plexiglass Wall-Mount Sign Holder (Staples or other office supply store)
1-20 sheets of 8 ½ x 11” multi-use paper
1+ Low Odor Dry Erase Marker
2 Small metal Binder Paper Clips
Paper Towel

Supplemental Supplies:
A plastic envelope to hold your supplies in
Washable Markers
Tissue Paper
Magazine Cut outs

Creating a Plexiglass drawing board is as easy as slipping a blank piece of paper into the sign holder.

There are numerous things you could do with the drawing board, both with and without paper. Here are some suggestions.

Some ideas:

• Hold up the empty drawing board in front of your face and have a friend trace your face using a dry erase marker. Clip a piece of 8 ½ x 11” paper on the drawing board and hold it up to a window. Trace your friend’s drawing onto the paper.

• Print and cut out a blank mask and slip it into your drawing board. Decorate your mask with dry erase markers. Look at yourself in a mirror or take a picture. Erase the board and repeat.

• Draw a background on the interior paper with washable markers. Then experiment with drawing different things, people and animals that live in that environment.

• Draw a series of pictures on the drawing board, taking a picture of each using the Stopmotion Animation IPhone Application and create a video.
• Experiment with layered tissue paper inside holder and hold each creation up to a window to see it come to life.

• Replace paper in your drawing board with a picture. Clip a piece of 8 ½ x 11” paper over your drawing board. Trace by holding the drawing board in a window.

What are your ideas? Please share your ideas, experiments/creations and questions.

Mrs. Sparkles is a new contributor to the Louisville Family Fun blog. She will be writing on Mondays to help add a lot of creativity to your family fun!

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