Review of Heartland Music Together in Louisville By: Jeanette


Heartland Music Together lives up to its name as I recently found out when I participated in one of their free demo classes with my oldest son. The class was interactive for both the parents and the children. I found it to be educational as well as entertaining. The demo class I attended was at a local church in Louisville and the class was led by Ms. Miriam, the director of Heartland Music Together.

There were signs up on the door and in the building so there was no way I could have not found the room. That was so helpful. Once in the room there was a big drum in the middle of the room for the kids to beat until class was ready to start. Ms. Miriam started off by telling us that it does not matter about singing in key that it is just important to participate, our children will follow our lead and let the children express themselves.

The class moved smoothly from song to song including getting the children to return the scarves and instruments in a timely fashion. She even had a ‘wet bucket’ for those items that got chewed on so they could be washed. Most of the songs included motions, interactions with your child(ren), and participation by giving suggestions for verses. Ms. Miriam was very engaging and the children seem to really take a liking to her as several gave her hugs on the way out. She also gave parents ideas on how to incorporate things back home. My son is a little on the shy side and did not do much participation, but loved riding on the ‘train’ (which you’ll have to go to a class to see) and playing all the variety of instruments. And before I knew it, we were singing the goodbye song.

The classes are geared towards infants through preschoolers. There are several FREE demo classes throughout the year. She even has a CD with a few of the songs that we sang that she gives out at the end. Heartland Music Together also offers to come to a playgroup that you attend as well. I recommend checking Heartland Music Together out with your children. It seems to provide great exposure to music and some fun times to hang out with your kids.

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