Review of Iceland Sports Complex in Louisville By: Stephanie

Iceland Sports Complex is located near the Anchorage area of Louisville on UPS Dr. near the intersection of Hurstbourne Pkwy and LaGrange Rd.  I took my son to their public skating last Sunday.  They have a calendar on their website to let you know all of their public skate times. 

It was $16 for admission and rental of 2 skates.  That’s $6 per person for admission and $2 for the skates.  You can request hockey skates also, for $1 extra. You can pay with cash or credit card.

The floor is all rubber foam to accommodate walking with the ice skates. When we got there, my 3 year old son was quite intrigued by this!  We went to the counter and turned in our ticket and shoes to swap out for ice skates.  They have sizes as small as 7 toddler!

There are amble benches all around the lobby to sit down and get your gear on. They also have lockers that you can use to store other items while you skate.  We arrived at 1pm and since it was early, it wasn’t too crowded and they had one rink open. We headed to the rink! My son could barely walk in the skates. I thought we were surely doomed and going to have to leave within 30 minutes!

We ventured onto the ice. It had just been cleaned so it was on the slick side. I assisted my son and we glided along with no grace at all. Still, he thought it was fantastic.  I remembered some tricks I learned and taught him some basic things about skating.  About halfway around the rink, we took a break in their team boxes and penalty boxes for hockey. They have benches in there.  There are also grandstand style benches for onlooking in case you don’t want to skate.  Eventually, my son got the hang of it and was able to walk/skate and only hold my hand.  He wasn’t very steady, but I was surprised at how he took to it. He loved it.  They cleared the ice after about 1.5 hrs of having the rink open and out came the zamboni, the highlight of my son’s day!  We watched it clean the ice and then headed back on the ice. The ice was faster now, but he still handled it well!

We took a snack break a few times.  Iceland has a concession stand with modestly priced snack items and foods.  I didn’t notice anything that costs more than $3!  They have an area with booths for eating.  By 2pm, the place was packed with skaters, people snacking and talking.  It was a really fun family environment.  If ankles and knees get tired, kids can also take a break in the video game room. 

When it got crowded after 2:30pm, they opened another rink on the other side of the lobby. So, if you are there and it seems crowded, just check across on the other side to see if the other rink is open and spread out! 

You can also have your birthday party at Iceland or learn to figure skate or play hockey. Your kids can even learn to play hockey for free before you sign up for a class with a fee.

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