Simple Silly Fun Things to Do Indoors By: Stephanie

Family Adventure Day
Grandmother Power at Ali Center

We have been inside a LOT lately and I bet some of you are getting cabin fever also. If you are not going to brave the elements, here are some ideas to get the kids giggling even if they are stuck inside!

You don’t need real instruments to make music. Let them create music with anything you have. We use some tubs and tins I kept out from Christmas with plastic straws.  They make the perfect drums. March around your home to the beat of a different drum!

If you are like me, your sink is usually full of dishes! But, you can clean them real quick and give the sink a wash and your kids will have a splashing good time for a while. My kids played at the sink for about an hour. Lot of cups and scoopers, all kitchen utensils to entertain them with plain old water!
Cook! You don’t have to reserve baking, decorating cupcakes etc for the times when kids like to help. Here, my kids are helping me make roasted roasemary potatoes.  Get them a chair, spoon and bowl and put them to work…I mean, have fun!
Games! Forget game night and make it a game day. Break out anything you have and play game after game. Vary the games so that you play a calm one and then one that gets them up and moving.  And you don’t need a board game, you can play hide and seek or do a treasure hunt for matchbox cars or toy trains. 
Louisville Zoo Halloween
KCD Open House
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