Mondays with Mrs. Sparkles: Bubble Wrap Fun with Kids

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More often than not, being inspired is the roadblock to being creative. How do we get started? How can we help our children be creative? Ideas can come from anywhere. For this Monday’s creative prompt, inspiration came by way of a visit to both Nelligan Hall art studios in Portland and through a visit to the Louisville Visual Art Association. A theme emerged – bubble wrap!

My daughter rediscovered her passion for popping those delightful air filled pockets. She popped away, keeping herself and her brother entertained while I collected art materials at Nelligan Hall for a project I am working on with Wheatley Elementary and LVAA.

The theme continued when we came upon the artwork of Kentucky artist Keith Linton at the Louisville Visual Art Association’s Water Tower Regional art exhibit over the weekend. His work mixes media and brings to life manufactured materials like bubble wrap and Styrofoam. Check out his work by visiting his website or stop by the Water Tower to see it in its real form.

Bubble wrap… what can you create with it?

Here are some ideas:

With tempera, cover the textured side of a sheet of bubble wrap with paint. Place a piece of paper over the painted bubble wrap and press. Peel off paper to reveal a colorful patterned print.
  •  Cut bubble wrap into shapes. Glue shapes to cardboard. Use like stamps on a stamp pad and stamp away.
  • Cover a paint roller with bubble wrap. Roll the paint roller in paint and then cover a piece a paper with circle patterns.
  • Cut shapes out of the bubble wrap. Tape the shapes to your work surface. Paint shapes with tempera paint. Press paper to your work surface. Peel up the paper to reveal your print.
  • Choose a window in your home you would like to decorate. Cut a pice of bubble wrap to cover a window pane. Paint bubble wrap with tempera paints, preferably Crayola tempera because it is transparent. Let bubble wrap dry then hang it in your window.

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