Review of Mary T Meagher Open Swim By: Stephanie


Last week, I took my kids to the open swim at Mary T. Meagher Aquatics Center. We went to a weekday open swim from 12-3pm.  They have many different times for open swim as well as lap swimming or water aerobics. You can even have a swimming birthday party there!

Anyway, we went at noon and the open swim area was not busy at all. We checked in and paid. It was $8.50 for my son and I, my daughter got in free since she is under 3.  They take credit cards. We headed to the women’s locker room where we got changed.  We brought a lock with us to use on one of the lockers and I brought my backpack out to the pool with our towels.

There are lanes designated for lap swimming and a section in each pool for open swim.  They have a basketball hoop and ball, a slide, pool noodles and kick boards for you to use.  There are life guards on duty. My kids and I had a great time swimming and stayed for about an hour and a half.  The water was warm but not bath-water-warm. There are chairs and bleachers to lay your stuff on or sit down to take a break. We didn’t snack there but I did see other children having snacks and drinks so I assume they allow you to do that, but I would check with them for sure.

We headed back to the locker room to change. They do have some exercise equipment near the ladies locker room that adults can use!  In the locker room there are private changing areas as well as showers if you want to rinse off the chlorine.

If you are looking for some indoor recreational swimming in Louisville, this is a fantastic option. They have many different times during the week and on the weekends and it is really affordable. They do have options for family passes if you plan on going often enough for that to save you some money!

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