Review of the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair By: Stephanie


We woke up this morning to gorgeous weather and I decided to spend the morning with my daughter browsing the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair.  Since I had never been before, we headed out early and arrive just after 10am when it began.  We parked on a side street leading away from the triangle area and did not have too far to walk.  At this time, the people were strolling in but it was by no means crowded. 

We loaded our wagon and browsed around at the artisan booths.  My daughter, 2 years old, really loved taking in all of the sites and colors.  The bustle of a fair is always fun for her!  The fair had two main aisles of booths.  The first aisle closest to the park gazebo is very wide, which was really nice considering there were many families, strollers and wagons.  At the beginning of the first aisle they had food vendors and the location was perfect since it was next to the park with picnic tables and a large tent with tables and chairs.  The second aisle was not as wide but it did not feel cramped. 

There were many interesting booths with items ranging from handmade scarves to children’s clothing or pottery to eclectic metal sculptures.  It was very interesting to browse and see how creative people are!  There were a few booths for children’s activities like sand art or working with clay. There was also a parent’s day out program with a large tent full of children’s crafts and Heartland Music Together was there with plenty of instruments to play with.

At the opposite end of the park near the Castelman statue, there were a few more food vendors.  We saw plenty of people indulging in Graeter’s ice cream and my daughter was thrilled to pick out a large, delicious chocolate chip Kizito Cookie

After browsing and buying a wonderful Celtic Carving piece made by Wayne Cruze, we headed to play at the small fenced in playground on Willow Ave and eat our picnic lunch (carried in my Cordial Lee tote, of course!)  It is conveniently located near the restrooms, which is always an important detail for families to know about! 
By this time, around noon, the place was booming.  People were flocking from all of the roads leading into the art fair and the park area was full of people enjoying their lunch.  It had gotten quite crowded but it still looked fairly dispersed.  Live music from the gazebo also began at close to 1pm. 

The Cherokee Triangle Art Fair is not just for art enthusiasts, but for anyone in the Louisville area who is looking for a free, family-friendly outdoor event full of interesting sights, good fun and happy people! The fair always takes place on the Saturday and Sunday before the Kentucky Derby. 

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