Review of Cordial Lee’s Mini Market Tote By: Stephanie

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This weekend, my family and I went out on a wonderful afternoon to meet up with the Louisville Mommies for a picnic and Easter Egg hunt!  I used this opportunity to break out my brand new Mini Market tote from Cordial Lee.   Usually, I just pack a frumpy insulated bag for our picnic, but I now feel stylin’ with my new personalized tote.  My kids absolutely love to picnic. We search through the list of Louisville Metro Parks and pick a new one and head out for lunch.  Or, we meet up with friends like we did this weekend. 
The mini tote is 12″ x 9″ x 7.5″ and had more than enough room to pack lunch for my family of 4. It is open at the top, so I just put a kitchen towel over the top to keep things contained and insulated.  It is really sturdy. It comes flat and folds flat for storage. So, to get it ready for the picnic, I just folded down two metal braces that look like the handles to hold the tote in place.  It’s really nifty!
When I ordered, it was so hard to pick out the design I liked best from all of the great options!  They have patterns but even with the solid, I got to choose the color of the tote, color of the embrodery and even the style of the lettering. This is a fabulous, useful and reasonably priced gift for any mom or friend!  You know, I can totally see giving one of these to someone for a baby shower gift and filling it with baby products or giving it as a bridal shower gift full of picnicking accessories.  How fantastic! 
I can’t wait to hit the farmer’s markets with this cute tote.  I also live within walking distance of the grocery store and often take a morning stroll with my daughter while my son is at school and we can pop into Kroger to grab some produce to fill up my tote!

You know what’s even better?  Cordial Lee is owned by a mom from the Louisville area!  You know what they say: Keep it Local! 

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  • Hello, Louisville Family Fun! Thank you so much for the awesome review!! We appreciate your feedback more than you know and absolutely LOVE all the adorable family photos. Looks like you had a fabulous day… so thankful we could share in a small part of it!!

  • Anonymous

    you are cute. you look like rachel ray.

  • Thanks. You are not the first to make that comparison! I get it all of the time b/c apparently I am like her in personality as well.

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