Review of Graeter’s Ice Cream By: Stephanie

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I have heard many people speak highly about Graeter’s ice cream but I had never been there.  I follow them on Facebook so I kept hearing about their Buy One Get One Free Sundaes during rainy days in April. It was the perfect excuse for an afternoon treat for my kids and I. 
We went to the Springhurst location on a Monday afternoon.  The woman, who I think is an assistant manager, was very friendly.  She engaged the kids and got them all excited about their sundaes.  She showed them their big scoops and oozed the toppings all over the ice cream and it definitely made my kids oooo and ahhhh.  Then, instead of the standard pecans, she offered the kids rainbow sprinkles to top their ice cream dessert.  It was just under $5 for two good-sized sundaes with generous toppings and fresh whipped cream.
We sat and enjoyed our sundaes.  My son loved his chocolate ice cream with marshmallow topping, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.  He told me several times how delicious the marshmallow was, I tried it and definitely agree. My daughter had peanut butter chip ice cream (which was INCREDIBLE) with chocolate topping, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. My little two year old devoured this sundae. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that I wasn’t able to eat more of it!!  From the tastes I had, I would claim this as the best peanut butter flavored ice cream I have ever had….and I have had a LOT. 
The ice cream shop also offers drinks and cones on their delectable menu.  At this specific location, they also featured cakes and cookies by Desserts by Helen.      The shop was very clean and well kept.  The water fountain has little cups to fill and take bake to your seat which was perfect because my children needed a little drink with their rich sundaes!
They have multiple locations and sell their ice cream in several stores, so have a try!  I highly suggest you follow them on Facebook so you can be updated on any of the seasonal flavors and specials that they run! For example: they are selling reusable tumblers and if you buy one and bring it back on future trips, you get $1 off of a large drink!  The Louisville Graeter’s has a separate Facebook page that seems to be updated more often, but they say on that page that it will be deactivated soon, so ‘like’ both of them!
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