Review of Special Events at the Clarksville Bass Pro Shop By: Stephanie

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The Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, IN has events all of the time. It is such a large place and attracts people from far and wide that sometimes we forget that it’s such a great place to go on just any rainy day.   Just a few weeks ago, we had cabin fever when my parents were visiting and I remembered Jeanette posting about the fishing event at the Bass Pro Shop. 

We headed to the store, just off of I-65 over the Ohio River.  There were many boats out that you could get in and explore.  The place was bustling like it always is when there are special events.  We browsed around and headed back to the large aquarium where a man was doing an educational demonstration.  Many people were highly engaged by his talk.  My son just loved looking at the large fish!
They had a fishing activity for kids on this specific weekend.  It was a $1 donation to a local conservation group in order to participate.  My almost 4 year old lit up with excitement that he was going to ‘really’ fish.  A volunteer put a worm on the hook and helped my son get the pole situated into the water.  He assisted him in feeling the tension and pulling the fish in.  After one failed attempt, my son reeled in a fish!  He stood there in complete shock and awe!

After the activity, we went through the store enjoying the normal activities that they have their year round. We played mini golf, checked out the jungle shooting range, climbed atop the 4-wheelers and played some of the video games.  It was a full 2 hours of fun!
When we left, we noticed that there were even more activities for the kids that we hadn’t noticed when we arrived.  They had a craft station and several games like a boat race and a toss game.  You just never know with this place!  I encourage you to keep tabs on their website for their special events or better yet, keep an eye on our blog calendar! We always have their events posted.  No matter how many times you have been to the Bass Pro Shop, they always have something different to offer and it’s worth going back again and again.
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