Review of Tyler Park By: Stephanie

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Tyler Park is nestled between Bardstown Rd. and Barret Ave right under Baxter Ave in the appropriately name Tyler Park neighborhood of Louisville.  On a sunny day recently, I went to the metro parks website to find a park that we had not been to and chose Tyler Park. I am so happy with my selection as I feel I have now discovered a hidden gem!

Tyler Park is not an obvious park, you have to know what you are looking for or just stumble upon it.  It’s not large but it’s a good example of quality over quantity.  I grew up in NY and although not in Manhattan,  I still felt like Tyler Park brought me back to Central Park. It has a nice urban feel since it is surrounded by some bustling streets, people out and about, old homes with such character and has a tunnel passage under Baxter Ave connecting the sides of the park.

On the south side of Baxter, there is limited parking, a little lot that maybe fits 2 cars. For the most part, you park on the street along Tyler Park Dr for this park.  Anyway, on the south side, there is a nice smooth and level walking/biking path around the grassy area. It’s fantastic for kids to bring their bikes and scooters!  There is a nice playground and swings for ‘older’ children, a picnic shelter (that can be reserved) and a small sprayground for splashing and cooling off in the summer.  There are also many picnic tables.  There are restroom facilities, but they are only open during the busier summer months.  My kids really enjoyed this part of the park.  Then, we went through the tunnel to see what we could find on the north side of the park. 


On the north side, there are basketball and tennis courts and most fabulously, a fenced in toddler playground that has a soft floor!  It was so nice to have this option! It was just the right size for my preschoolers and being fenced in is such a plus for us worrying parents.  There are many trees and great spots for a picnic.  For the winter months, Tyler Park has awesome sloping hills for snow sledding (beware of the trees!). 


This is now my favorite “park away from home.”  It can’t be our regular park since it is a ways away from our home, but we will visit it often. I can’t wait to go in the summer to the spray area.  Many of the Louisville parks have spray areas but my kids loved so many things about this park that in the summer, it will make for a nice long day of balancing playing and being able to cool off with picnicking and bike riding and cooling off some more!

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