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How many of you are looking for some serious R&R over Memorial Day Weekend? Are you preparing for a weekend outdoors? Does collecting wild strawberries, taking hikes at daybreak, reading a good book and sitting by a campfire sound irresistible?

I have a serious case of cabin fever – strange it isn’t snowing outside. I guess I should say I have a serious case of metro fever. Between trying to avoid inhaling exhaust while walking down Bardstown Road, becoming aggravated by the never ending line of stop lights during our morning commute and the sounds of noisy motorcycles growling down Eastern Parkway I am starting to come out of my skin a little.

I know from experience that taking children out into the woods may sound relaxing, but it can present some challenges. We expect that the great outdoors will inspire our children to spend hours exploring, but that does not keep the boredom monster from rearing his ugly head.

If you are planning to take your children outdoors, consider filling your bag-o-tricks with some creative activities.

Campfire Light Shows: With 4” Glow sticks and a rope, create a set of Poi- glow strings. By spinning the strings your children can experiment with creating arcs of light and color that are sure to impress you and entertain them.

Campfire Shadow Performances: Take along a basic top sheet and hang between two trees safely in front of a campfire or lantern. Take ghost stories to a new level by acting them out while casting shadows for your campfire audience. Looking for something different? Find some inspiration here
With materials found around your campsite, experiment with making shadowscapes.

Fairy Houses: With a bag of treasures, engage your children in some fairy house building. Treasures could include but are not limited to buttons, bottle caps, yarn, plastic rings, dried flowers, beans, and beads. Don’t forget a pair of child’s scissors and a Fairy Field Guide.

Still looking for somewhere unique to camp with your family. Look no further than Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center in Ravenna, Kentucky. Between the wild strawberries, emerging butterflies, hiking trails and quiet, you are sure to come home refreshed.

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