Review of the Derby Festival Pegasus Parade Preview Party By:Stephanie

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I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled through the gates into the Kentucky Exposition Center parking lot at about 6pm to find that it was not as crowded as I thought it would be. I was thinking I would be spending the next hour and a half amidst controlled chaos but it was quite the opposite.  We went to the Derby Festival Pegasus Parade Preview Party and it was planned really well and therefore, even with tons of people there, you didn’t feel it!
We paid $8 to park and entered with our Pegasus Pins.  We were handed a program and the kids got maps for the party.  We headed to the table directly in front of us where they gave the kids little bags with some goodies and stamped their maps. Apparently, the kids carry around the maps and get stamps at the various tables and when they are finished, they return them to the front for a prize! However, my children were awestruck by the event and did not get into the stamp game.  It didn’t affect the night whatsoever, they still loved it. 
The even space was enormous and accommodated all of the people, animals, floats, vendors etc.  There was ample space to roam and although there were lines for some tables (like face painting, bouncing or special photo opps) the lines were tolerable and not extreme.  The event flowed really nice in that if you started on one side and just meandered about, you would eventually find your way to everyone and everything.   Along the way, we were greeted by many cute clowns!  We high-fived all of them!

My children and I really enjoyed the horses. They liked getting to pet them and when my son got home, he bragged to his Daddy that he got to pet 10 horses!  They, like all kids, got into what little freebies people were handing out: tattoos, frisbies, cardboard cut-out glasses and crowns.  It made for lots of great smiles and cute photos.  The stood in shock looking up at the huge balloons and shiny floats.  We even took a little time to bust out some dance moves with the LG&E representatives and watch a presentation made by the Louisville Zoo. 

We did not get any food but I did notice a few vendors and tables for eating at the back of the hall.  It was standard festival fare.  We were there for a little over an hour and had a wonderful time. Had my children been older and played the fun map-stamping game, I think we would have been there a little longer but baths and bedtime beckoned and we left by 7:30pm. 
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