Review of Green B.E.A.N Delivery By: Stephanie

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Green B.E.A.N Delivery is now delivering organic produce and natural groceries to Louisville! I had the opportunity to try this service out and I have been quite pleased. 

I received an email telling me when I was supposed to expect the delivery.  They deliver to my area of Louisville on Thursdays.  You can look at their map to see if they deliver to you and when.  My bin of produce arrived in the afternoon and was left in front of my door.  It is a large plastic bin lined with styrofoam to insulate.  It was packed with produce and a large freezable ice pack. 

I received the items listed in the list picture!
Considering just the day before receiving the bin I threw out 2 organic apples that I bought at Kroger because they were not fresh at all, I was so excited about these items.  As you can see from the photos, the produce looked very fresh and appealing.  It was all wrapped in sacks, bags or containers.  None of the fruit or vegetables were blemished.

We worked our way through the produce. My favorite was the butter lettuce. It was clean and crisp and made for a wonderful salad.  My husband thought the tangelos were the best he has had. They were at their peak and very sweet and juicy.  But, a close second for him was the kiwi, which was also perfectly ripe. My son ate the pound of strawberries in two days, I would say that’s a good sign!  I also made some Asian stir fry with the green beans and they were fantastic.  We have been putting lemon slices in our water and ice tea, which has been a treat.  The broccoli was wonderful. I usually resort to frozen broccoli but steamed, this fresh, organic broccoli was far superior.

The following weeks when I was not signed up for a delivery, I got an email letting me know that I was not signed up.  In that email, Green B.E.A.N Delivery informed me of new products that were now available through their service.  They deliver more than just produce.  You can also add items like eggs, milk or bread.  Or, you can get specialty items like organic tea beverages, cupcakes, garden burgers or even meats.  You can browse their online store to see the choices. 
The only issue I had was that there was a small hole in the freezer block.  The liquid in the freezer pack that melted slightly did not get on any of the produce but since I did not see the hole, when I took it out, it spilled on the floor. It was not a big mess to clean up.  I contacted them regarding this issue and they said that they have a credit and replacement system in case anyone is dissatisfied (i.e. broken ice pack affects the product, product is damaged).  They were very quick in getting back to my customer service inquiry!

With Green B.E.A.N Delivery, you can also choose different sizes based on your family’s needs and price points.  For families that enjoy the farmer’s market-type products but may not have the time to jump from market to market, this service is perfect.  It is convenient and reliable.

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  • Thank you for sharing this review. I have thought about ordering from them before, but never really got around to it. I'm wondering what you think about the price? Is it a lot more expensive then say shopping organic at Kroger? What's the delivery fee like? When you consider the cost of gas and the cost of your time, would you say it is worth it to order on a regular basis?

  • You can price compare using this link.

    Just see how much you spend on organic produce regularly and compare. You do not pay an additional delivery charge, it is in the price.

    The produce I got was very high quality. As I said, I recently bought organic apple at Kroger and they were really bad. I know that Kroger would reimburse me but I didn't want to make the trip. At least with this service, they would credit you or replace it and you don't have to go anywhere to do that!

  • Quick question, did you feel that you had to tip the driver? I was home one day when he dropped of my box and I didn't know if they expect a tip or not. I didn't give it to him, since he was already in his car when I got to the door, but I was just curious if tipping was assumed or not. Thanks! PS, I LOVE Green Bean Delivery. It's the best.

  • Anonymous

    We were not home so I didn't have the opportunity. However,I think it might be ok to tip if you continue to use the service. Maybe a monthly tip would be easier. I don't think they expect it b/c they just drop it off and leave -LFF

  • Jen

    Did you continue using after Green Bean Delivery after you tried it?

  • No but they have added to it and time and time again I keep thinking I should try it again.

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