Review of Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Huber’s Orchard


We visited Joe Huber’s Family Farm and arrived at 9:30am.  It was about a 40 minute drive from my home in East Louisville.  The strawberry picking began at 9am, but at 9:30, we were one of the first ones out there.  We headed into the general store, picked up a cardboard basket and there was a tractor waiting outside. We climbed aboard the tractor wagon for a short drive up the road to the strawberry fields.  They dropped us off and we went crazy picking!

They have straw on the ground which was really nice considering it would have been a little muddy otherwise.  We stay pretty clean!  The kids and I went frantic picking the wonderful strawberries. They were gorgeous, shiny and so ripe.  But, there were plenty of green buds and flowers on the plants, so there are more strawberries yet to ripen!

We picked for about 20 minutes and filled our two baskets.  The tractor came back around and we rode it back to the shop. There, we purchased a few packages of shortcakes to take home and they weighed our strawberries for purchase.  The u-pick strawberries are $1.25/lb.  They also have strawberries already picked if it’s just not your thing.  They have a variety of other vegetables that looked fresh and were modestly priced for such high quality, like beans and tomatoes as well as others.  The store also has lovely gifts ranging from toys to home decor to preserves.  A cute shop!  To note: They also have a retro ice cream soda shop in the building and the restroom is located in the shop.  And, there is a large family restaurant at which they serve good home-cooking (so I have heard!).

We put the berries in the car and headed to the play area, the Barnyard. It was $4 for admission which came with 4 tickets.  Parents pay also. We had a great time exploring the open area, playing in the barn and the big slide.  We also played on the playground for a bit and build some towers with the big play bricks they had out.  We got some little cups of corn for the animals and headed back to visit with them.  They had a turkey and many goats.  My children LOVED the wheel conveyor belt that you can use to feed the animals.  The goats see you turning that wheel and they run up the stairs to wait at the top for the corn to fall out of the little containers!  While we were there, a little goat got it’s head stuck in the wire fencing and my son ran to get help while this little goat was squealing and crying.  It was quite the encounter!  The other goats’ instincts kicked in and they starting ramming into the baby goat and got him free!  It was pretty intense!

We brought a picnic lunch and there were many spots to sit and eat, shady or not.  After we ate a little, we cashed in some tickets and went on the mini tractor ride that went all around the barnyard area.  The kids loved that they got to ride behind another tractor!  We also got some of the rings and balls for the toss games near the pond and although my kids did not even come close, the just plain enjoyed throwing things in the water!

We spent about 2.5 hours at this farm area before heading to Huber’s Winery.  A nice couple that sat with us on our tractor ride to the strawberry patch advised us that it’s more than just a winery!  They were correct!  It is just a minute away from Joe Huber’s.  They have a play area there as well that had animals and other activities. We did not do these activities as it was getting later in the day. We plan to go back for blueberry picking in June and will do the Huber Winery activities then!  It is $6 for admission.  We parked and immediately my children ran for the old vehicles they have parked outside the shop.  They have a truck and a tractor and the kids just climbed all over them.  They also have some cut out veggies and fruits for picture taking and a talking tree!  We went inside to find wonderful veggies and fruits as well as baking/cooking mixes, candy, preserves and a fabulous bakery. I mean, WOW!  You could do some damage in there, everything looked incredible and I sampled a few so I can say….they taste as good as they look! 

Although we didn’t pick any more, they do have a separate strawberry patch there and we rode the tractor around to check out the farm as it went to drop people off and pick people up.  Then, we were finally done!  We had such a full morning and early afternoon.  I did notice that they have a wine shop and restaurant as well as a cheese/ice cream shop! And, when we were driving out, I saw a family picnicking down by a pond on a nice little deck and that looked like such a great little spot. 

I absolutely recommend the trip to Starlight, IN to visit Huber’s.  It is unique and totally family friendly.  We were there early on a weekday and I imagine it would be quite crowded on the weekends.  Always call ahead when you are going there for u-pick trips to make sure the fruits are ready and not picked through!

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