Review of Strawlution Straws By: Stephanie

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PhotobucketPhotobucketStraw-lution straws are unique, durable straws that you unfortunately can’t find in a retail store in Kentucky but you can luckily order online!  I sampled these straws and indeed, they solved the problem of the slipping, dripping straw.

PhotobucketEach morning, my children enjoy their Danimals smoothies which have foil tops.  Before getting the Straw-lution straws, I would cut a regular straw and pop it through the foil.  Sometimes, the kids were just fine with them but often, they would walk around and the straw would pop out or they would fiddle with the straw and pull it out.  Inevitably, yogurt smoothie would drip on my furniture and worse, the carpet.  With the Straw-lution straw, they pop it in and it stays in there and never slips out! No more slipping and dripping! Then, I just put them in my dishwasher basket for cleaning. They are wider than normal straws so they don’t come out of the bottom of the dishwasher basket.
PhotobucketThey are BPA free, made in the USA and dishwasher safe.  They are wider than normal straws so they can be used for liquids or thicker foods like yogurt or pudding too.  They’ll work with any food that has a foil top or spot for a straw.  I usually don’t give my kids food or drinks with straws in the car for fear of a big mess while I am driving. I am confident in the Straw-lution straw now and think with one of these, the kids can drink or snack on a yogurt without a mess in the back seat.

Best of all, they were created by a problem solving mom!

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