Review of Cherokee Triangle Summer Concerts By: Stephanie


PhotobucketPhotobucketLast weekend, we headed to the Cherokee Triangle area near Willow Park to enjoy the first summer concert in their serious.  It is organized by the Cherokee Triangle Association and they put on a fantastic event.  They have a series of concerts throughout the summer!

PhotobucketPhotobucketThe concert begins at 7pm on Sundays.  We arrived right at 7 and it was starting to fill up.  We were able to find street parking up one of the side roads past Willow Park.  We brought our wagon to escort the kids and our picnic supplies.  The park was hopping with people of all ages that showed up to picnic, chat, dance, play and enjoy the music.

PhotobucketThe band was really fun and interacted with the audience. In front of the gazebo where the band played, there is a patio open for dancing and people filled it quickly to show off their moves. There were some serious dances, some there just having fun and moms with their kids (like me) just bouncing to the tunes!

PhotobucketWillow Park is a nice little fenced in park so it is a great spot for family-friendly concerts. If the kids get restless, you can take them over to play. An ice cream truck also showed up to sell some treats.  During this particular concert, a grandfather brought some supplies to make HUGE bubbles for his family and it turned out to be a hit with all of the kids there! You just never know! Even Mayor Fischer stopped by at this concert to welcome everyone and kick off summer. And, a big hit with my kids, a Louisville metro fire truck stopped by and gave out hats and the firefighters helped the kids climb into the truck and explore.

PhotobucketThere are clean restroom facilities right near the park and gazebo, so this is not a concern.  They do have picnic table but get there early if you want to claim one.  Otherwise, there is ample green space to lay out a blanket or place chairs.  It is a pet-free event.

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