Love my Local Business, Please – By: Stephanie

Grandmother Power at Ali Center
Family Adventure Day

If you don’t know, Louisville Family Fun LLC is a business, not just a hobby. This is a labor of love that was started just to provide information and yes, as a hobby but it has morphed into a full-blown empire.  Ok, Ok, empire is a tad extreme!!  Tad…well, very extreme!  This website is run almost entirely by my own sweat (caffeine), dedication (adrenaline) and desire to provide quality information to families so that they can enjoy Louisville (and surrounding) without breaking the bank!  I love every minute it takes to run this website, even at 2am.

But, here’s the but, I need help. I want to hire people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help another at-home mom like myself make a extra money doing something super fun like writing for Louisville Family Fun, securing awesome deals for you or maintaining our outstanding calendar? Shouldn’t other cities have websites like mine; I’d like to hire people to do just that!

$50,000 (or even the $25,000 prize) from Intuit would do that for me! It would be the catalyst to let this website become what it needs to be.  Hire a webdesigner to make you all a fabuLOUs searchable database of the Louisville Family Fun reviews that you can search by location, price, age range for kids etc.  Hire people to go out and experience things around town that I can fit into my schedule and pay them to write about it!  Hire someone to improve the calendar and maintain it!  Hire someone to get deals for you that are just what your families need, not microderm abrasion but discounts on family fun stuff!  Hire Hire Hire!!! ALL of the money would go toward HIRING other people to help you find FUN! is a great opportunity for Louisville Family Fun to grow (and for me to go to bed before midnight LOL).  Please click on the logo link above or on the top right side of the page and show Louisville Family Fun some love!  And show it often!

You can also text to vote for us!
You can text: loufamfun to 244326 to vote for Louisville Family Fun! You will be prompted to answer two questions. It takes only a minute! Thanks so much!

You never know, I might just hire YOU!

KCD Open House
Papa Johns Pizza
Louisville Zoo Halloween


  • Anonymous

    Voted for ya! This would be great for LouFamFun which would be better for Louisville!

  • Anonymous

    I voted for you guys a few days ago. That's such a wonderful opportunity! I'm sure that kind of cash could be very beneficial for your site, not that I think it needs improvements though. I think that it's GREAT the way it is now! What stay-at-home mom wouldn't want to help their family's finances and have fun at the same time? I know that I would!

    Good luck!
    Amanda C.

  • So, I just tried to vote but I couldn't find the LFF on the site??? So I texted my vote in.

    kathy k

  • If you click on the logo, it should take you directly to where you can vote for LFF. Otherwise, you have to type in Louisville Family Fun LLC

  • Nicolle M

    I texted this am and was never prompted to answer any questions, never got a response. I tried searching for Louisville Family Fun LLC on the site and it never could find it. 🙁 Boo! I want to vote! (I searched on my iPhone both on the mobile site and main site.)

  • Anonymous

    Same here, I tried to vote via text and nothing happened. When I searched for Louisville Family Fun I got prompted to vote for Louisville Zoo

  • That is really strange! Let me test the texting

  • My husband just did a text vote and it worked. texted the number above and loufamfun – one word. I don't know why it wouldn't work for everyone!

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