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Recently, I went to Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld Dr. Mark Lynn & Associates for a routine eye exam.  As you can imagine, I am on the computer a ton and I wanted to make sure I was not damaging my eyesight by straining at the computer. I saw that Dr. Mark Lynn & Associates sponsored the wonderful VIPS (Visually Impaired Pre School) so I thought I would head there.  Wondering what this has to do with Louisville Family FUN? I will explain!

PhotobucketI visited the Springhurst location on a Saturday.  The place was very busy.  There was a bunch of staff around helping people, I didn’t notice many people lingering about waiting for someone. I was greeted immediately and the receptionist took all of the necessary information and gave me forms to fill out in the waiting room.  Less than 5 minutes later, she came and took me to do some tests and pictures before seeing the doctor.  I read an eye chart and I sat at two machines for quick exams.  Everything was pretty standard and she explained it all so I was prepared. No matter how many times I get an eye exam and they tell me about that puff of air in my eye, I still jump each time! But, it’s painless.  Then, she took me to a new machine that I had never seen before.  I put my eye up against a small opening, opened really wide and a green light came across and took a picture of the inside of my eye.  I had to do it a few times to get a better picture, but she was really patient.  This photo was to replace having to get my pupils dilated to see everything inside my eye!  I thought that was great, I really don’t like getting my eyes dilated.

Then, I went to the exam room and met Dr. Bita Tabassi.  She was very friendly and asked me about why I came in and about me personally.  I told her about my blog, of course, and she was thrilled to hear about it since she has two young children!  She performed several exams with lenses switching to see when something was clear, worse, better etc.  She shined lights in my eyes and used magnifiers to look inside and examine my eyes.  She also went over the pictures taken earlier to explain everything from where the optic nerve was or the look of my blood vessels.  My eyes were normal but I am slightly far-sighted.  She gave me a prescription for glasses for reading and when I am on the computer and said that she recommends them, but that they are not 100% necessary.  I liked her honesty.  She also let me know that those pictures of the inside of my eye were saved to my record so there is a nice basis for comparison for future exams.

Why am I writing about this on my Louisville Family Fun site?  Because our family lives have to be a balance between the fun and the necessary.  I realize that much of the fun I am able to have with my kids stems from the fact that I take care of myself physically and mentally and I make sure that I do the same for them.  Like dental exams, I think families should make routine eye exams part of their schedule.  Adults may notice changes in their vision that inspires them to go see a doctor, but kids may not complain about this or they may complain about something else (like a headache) that could actually be their eyes.  Places like Dr. Bizer’s often have great discounts for routine exams or glasses. You can ‘like’ them on Facebook and they will keep you up to date.  And, for $30 additional, you can get the internal pictures taken of your eyes or your child’s eyes and have a permanent record for comparison if anything goes wrong in the future, just like getting x-rays of your teeth.    You can’t have all of your family fun if you don’t take care of yourself!

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  • I took my son there recently for his first exam, and they gave an $11 discount for presenting a AAA card. Something for your readers to keep in mind! We were pleased with the care as well.

  • While I have not been to this office, I have had the OptoMap (the picture of the back of the eye) which is awesome! And I agree, eye exams are crucial. My husband and I get ours annually, and my daughter has been the past two years. My son will also go when he gets a tad older as we have a history of eye problems, so I am keeping a close watch on the kids.

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