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K. Melissa Burton is a local writer and former teacher that writes wonderful books related to Kentucky.  Through McClanahan Publishing, she teaches children about Kentucky history in her writing and the illustrations in the books.  She has three wonderful signed copies of her books that I would like to tell you about and giveaway at the Middletown Family Fun Festival. 

First, With Purpose & Promise is a novel that she wrote and published in 2010.  One of our LouFamFun readers reviewed this book on  our site.  It is a wonderful novel suitable for high school students and parents alike. You can hear more about this book in her book trailer online.

Also, we have Kentucky’s Boone: The Pioneer Spirit.  This book takes a look at Kentucky’s pioneer people and the hardships they faced.   

Finally, we have Now That’s Interesting: Kentucky’s Capital.  This book is a great learning tool for young readers.  It described interesting facts like the secret passage leading out of the state reception room and kids can take a peek into the Governor’s private office. 

We are so lucky to have an author like K. Melissa Burton writing about the rich history or Kentucky.  Kids and parents will not only find her books interesting, but enjoyable as well. 

The get a free, auto graphed book of your choice, just be one of the first to find me at my book at the Middletown Family Fun Festival on Friday evening and all day Saturday and mention these books!  I will be happy to share them with you and let you pick one!

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