Review of the Indianapolis Childrens Museum Guilds 49th Annual Haunted House



PhotobucketWhen I think of a haunted house I don’t think that it will be something my 4 and 2 year old would enjoy. Well, the Children’s Museum Guilds 49th Annual Haunted House in Indianapolis is a different story. It’s an amazing annual exhibit put on by the guild members of the museum.

Each year they plan and raise money to allow children of all ages to enjoy the festivities of Halloween in a safe environment.

This year’s theme is Vampire Vacation. A look at destinations around the United states from two little vampires point of view. Vick and Vicky take you on an adventure through San Fangsico, Horrorwood, Count Rushmore and many more. At first glance your kids might find it a little frightening but the game: “find Vick and Vicky” will keep their minds occupied. In each room, Vick and Vicky will be hiding and it’s the kids’ job to find them and they might get a special treat for finding all of them. In each room there are also “Did You Know” signs that I found very entertaining.
PhotobucketThe actors of the “lights on” tour are friendly and cheerful, giving your kids nothing to be afraid of. There are two different ways your children can enjoy this attraction. For the younger children there is lights on hours Tuesdays-Saturdays  10am-3pm , Tuesdays 3:30pm-9pm, Sundays 11am-5pm and on Halloween 10am-3pm. For the older and more adventurous kids or even adults they have Defender Directs Frightening Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:30pm-9pm and Friday and Saturdays 3:30pm-9:30pm. They are also hosting a family late-night adventure October 21st 6:30pm-10:30pm. which includes touring the Vampire Vacation at frightening hours but also dinner, a behind the scenes tour of the haunted house and other extras. They will also be holding a Friendly Feast with the Witches where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with the witches, Halloween entertainment in the Lily Theater, and a ticket to the Vampire Vacation. 
PhotobucketPhotobucketIt’s a perfect little day away trip for your children and you to enjoy. So load up the car and join Vick and Vicky on their fun filled adventure around the United States. For more information visit their website.

 By Guest contributor  Jennifer

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