Pop Cosmo: Great for Teens in Louisville and Beyond!

In 2010, when Chloe Gordon (then a freshman at Louisville Collegiate School) and her mother, Kim Gordon, originally moved to Louisville from Florida, they couldn’t find online resources for cool things for teens (or teens and their parents). So, this mom and daughter team set out to build a website that would let teens in on the most fun secrets about their town, plus the new trends in areas of interest for teens — and after nearly a year of development, PopCosmo was launched on September 23, 2011.
This unique website offers a twice-weekly e-newsletter with the latest teen trends sent directly to email inboxes. Areas covered in the newsletter include fashion, health, beauty, entertainment and tech. Teens can sign up for the e-newsletter online at popcosmo.com. Website highlights include an area called “Study Break” that is geared towards younger girls (13-15) and has a lot of fun activities to explore, including games, polls, and quotes. “Hangouts” and “Shops” offer information about places considered “cool” by all teens. Plus, teen-related events can be submitted to be listed on PopCosmo.com in the “Now” section.
“Between the mommy blogs for toddlers and daily newsletter type sites for adults, there are no e-newsletters for teens about the latest in everything. We think we’ve built something that fills a void, because teens are flocking to our site to get the scoop on where to go around Louisville and what’s new online,” said Kim Gordon, who handles the business end of the company. The mother-daughter team collaborates on the overall site, with Chloe overseeing the creative side. They work together on the content to ensure it is always something that connects with the hard-to-reach teen demographic.
Based in Louisville, KY, the site initially has its focus on the local community and nationally, with an everywhere/online edition.  They hope to branch out into other cities within the next year. The Gordons are thrilled with the initial response from teens and parents alike.
“I wanted something that would give girls my age a community all our own. We needed something that went beyond what we’re interested in during or after school that better connects us with our interests in our hometown,” said Chloe. “Plus,” she added, “I’m always looking for the new trends, and love finding and sharing them.”
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