Day trip: Horse Vaulting in Versailles

PhotobucketPhotobucketI recently took a trip to the Life Adventure Center in Versailles, Ky, about an hour from Louisville, to let my 2 daughters try horse vaulting. I started out with very little idea of what horse vaulting is. I knew it involved getting on the back of a horse, and I hoped my girls would participate since it would be new to them also. The online info says, “Vaulting combines gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. Vaulting is documented as being the safest equestrian sport…It develops teamwork, balance, strength, coordination, and confidence.”


    We got to pet the horses when we first arrived. I learned that many of the horses have owners elsewhere but get to stay there while their owners are away, or for a little extra interaction. The vaulting session was about 2 hours long. It started with warm-up and stretching, then practice on the barrel (mock horse), gymnastic activities, and finally mounted vaulting! As they began practicing, it dawned on me how much vaulting is like the horse performances I’ve seen at the circus. My daughters not only participated in everything, but loved it!  Even my youngest who is 7, and could barely reach, was able to do everything with just a little extra assistance. The class size was small, about 10, with two instructors, and another to guide the horse when mounting began. The class was well organized, with plenty of personal instruction that was friendly, encouraging, and fun! I watched as my girls rode lying down, holding out arms and legs, and doing back bends. Overall, I was pretty amazed at what they could do in one lesson! At the price of $15 for the first lesson I think it is well worth it, and since all levels are welcome at all times I think we will be returning. Next time, I may even get on a horse myself!

   Open vaulting is on Sat 4:30-6:30, ages 7+
   $15 for 1st session, $20 per session after 1st time
   After school and homeschool vaulting classes are also available
   More info and directions at or (859) 873-3271

By guest contributor: Julie

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