Review of Derby City Pediatric Dentistry – Dr. Korie Acord


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I met Dr. Korie Acord of Derby City Pediatric Dentistry last fall and decided that when the time came for a check-up, I would be taking my children to see her.  When I met her, I knew that she had a vision for a wonderful pediatric dentistry practice and because of that, I trusted that she would do a wonderful job with my children.  We just had our check-up and my instincts were correct, the visit was a success!

When my daughter (3) and I arrived, she was not intimidated at all by the idea of going to the dentist.  The office is delightfully decorated in Derby theme and has so much natural light.  The waiting area had simple toys to keep her attention while we waited and coffee for me!  We did not have to wait long since they send you can complete your forms online before you go and simply sign when you get there.  It was also really cute that they had my daughter name on a board for the appointment like a horse racing card line-up.

Soon after we arrived, Maggie and I were escorted to the back and the staff member was very good at explaining everything to her in a way she could grasp and letting her touch things and explore so she would feel comfortable.  Rather than “sit here, move your chin, don’t move” etc, the woman spoke in such a nice tone, took her time with Maggie and let her hold and touch the x-ray card she was going to put in her mouth.  Thanks to her, Maggie was really cooperative.

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Then, we went to the exam area and the dental hygienist gave Maggie a stuffed horse that had teeth and a big brush to play with an talk to her about the best ways to brush.  She also gave me a handy card that I can tuck away for future reference that tells me what to do if she we have a dental emergency as well as gives a chart for when children get their adult teeth.

Then, onto the exam.  They let Maggie look and touch the tools, pick out her flavors and even tickled her finger tips with the cleaning tool to show her what they would be doing to her teeth.  They gave her some sub glasses since the lights were bright and Maggie laid back for the exam.  To her delight, a cartoon movie was playing on a TV on the ceiling.  They are very prepared and skilled with working with young children!  And, Maggie just loved the suction straw and got a kick out of “kissing” the straw to help it drain the water from her mouth.  The hygienist “counted” her teeth with a tool to examine them and gave Maggie a bag of goodies for her dental care at home.  Then, Dr. Korie came to the exam area and checked out the x-rays, examined Maggie’s teeth and brushed on some special vitamins. Dr. Korie also let me know that if my children ever had a dental trauma, we can call her office and after hours, she will get the message relayed so she can help us!

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All in all, this was the best dentist visit we have had.  My kids have been to the dentist annually but on those visits, they were taken back with staff member and I did not have contact with the dentist.  This was such a pleasant trip with the awesome staff, beautiful facility and caring dentist.    I have made her next appointment and will be calling to make an appointment for my son!

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Derby City Pediatric Dentistry is at 2120 High Wickham Place Suite 103 in Louisville (40245) and you can get all of the information you need on their website!


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