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Lego KidsFest 2012

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Last weekend, we went to the Lego KidsFest in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Center.  We entered at 3pm, 1 hour early, for a VIK “very important kid” event.  My son and daughter had  quick little session with some Lego masters and then were some of the first kids to add their tiles to the big U.S. map. My son made a Fort Knox building full of gold bars!

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Before we arrived, we saw the floor of the exhibit from some windows up above in the convention center. It was so big! I couldn’t believe how much they had.  My kids were ready to dive into the piles of Legos. I was curious about the programming at each area.

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After the VIK event, they let everyone in at 4pm with a big greeting and count down. All of the families were screaming and excited.  Then, thousands of people poured into the Lego KidsFest.  There was plenty of room for everyone since the layout was great and they chose such a large space.  First, my children chose to play with the duplo bricks and my son made a train on some tracks and my daughter hoarded all of the horses in the princess set and built them a barn.

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Then, we explored other areas.  There were staff members at each area helping and keeping things tidy.  They managed the people and the toys.  And, at many areas, they were engaging families with competitive games and everyone was interacting and enjoying themselves.  Usually when I got to “kid” festivals, the parents are checking the time and milling around and the kids are having fun.  At Lego KidsFest, EVERYONE was having fun.  There were areas for families to challenge each other in a timed build, race to vacuum up Legos or play Lego games together. It was truly a family event. And, in the areas where kids tend to just hang out and build, there was plenty of seating for parents to take a break.

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We spent a lot of time in the race car ramp area, the Lego Friends area and making a tile for the art wall.  My daughter loved walking around and looking at the larger than life Lego figures and in the encased Lego displays.

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We at at the concession area, which I felt was reasonably priced with kids meals less than $5.  And, while we ate, there was a large screen playing Lego cartoons.  The kids enjoyed those for some down time.  While my kids were eating, I went to the shopping area to see if I could get them a surprise. Being the frugal mom that I am, I totally expected to get them something tiny because the items would be over-priced. Thanks to some quick checking on my iPhone with a barcode app, I found that the prices were really great. I got 2 larger sets for my kids for about 40% off of what I found online for those same sets!  They also gave me two free t-shirts with my purchase.  The kids were thrilled to cap the day with a new Lego set after a full four hours of creating, building and family fun.

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I cannot wait for the Lego KidsFest to come around again. I would travel up to 4 hours or so to take my kids to this event. It was fantastic and extremely well done.

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