Review of Roller Skating at Champs Rollerdrome

Recently, I did something I haven’t done in 17 years:  I went roller skating!


We were looking for something fun to do on President’s Day and Champs, located at 9851 LaGrange Road in Louisville, was open to the public.  We took our two and four-year-old boys, got them in their skates, and took off.  At first I was skating like my four-year-old: baby steps.  But once I remembered what I was doing it was so much fun!  My little one wanted to stay on the carpet in the far corner of the skating rink, but he was perfectly content to wave at us as we skated by.  My older one made several laps around the rink, took a break to play air hockey with mom, and then hung out with some other kids in the snack bar a while.  Even though the kids didn’t skate nearly as much as we did, there was something to keep each of us entertained for a full hour and a half.  And as an added bonus, I read on the way out that skating burns an average of 350 calories per hour!
Make sure you bring extra money for lockers, video games, and the snack bar.  The regular schedule is as follows:  Friday Hot Hits from 7-11 pm ($8.50 per person) and Jam Skate from 10:30-12:30 pm ($6.50 per person), Saturday Matinee from 12-6 pm ($6.50 per person) and Saturday Night Hot Hits from 7-11 pm ($8.50 per person), and Sunday Matinee from 2-6 pm ($6.50 per person).   I’ll see you there!
By guest contributor: Maggie
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