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PhotobucketMy family and I got a Seize the Deal voucher for Rosie’s Pizza so we used it on a recent Saturday night.  Rosie’s is located just east of the Gene Snyder on Shelbyville Rd. by the Walgreens.   It was very easy to get to and has a casual family atmosphere.

PhotobucketThere are booths along the side and tables in the middle. It is your basic pizza spot with every variety of pizza you can imagine, beer and other beverages and TVs to catch the latest game on ESPN.  This was a nice feature since my husband is really into basketball and asking him if he wants to go out to eat isn’t pulling him away from keeping track of the scores.
They said we could sit where we wanted and we chose a booth.  We had coloring books and crayons for the kids, so they started drawing and we browsed the menu.  We chose a specialty pizza, buffalo chicken, in their medium size to share and got a small cheese pizza for the kids.  We also got them lemonade, which came in a covered plastic cup with a lid, my husband got sweet tea and I had water in anticipation of the hot sauce on our pizza!

The staff was casual and attentive.  Our drinks came immediately and the pizza was pretty fast too considering they made it to order.  The buffalo chicken pizza was AWESOME. Seriously, VERY GOOD.  The crust was great and the blend of flavors was fantastic.  It was piled with chicken, cheese, onions, bacon, banana peppers and had buffalo sauce as well as ranch dressing on it.  The pieces were stacked with toppings, very generous and filling.  Medium was more than enough for us and we went home with half for leftovers!  The kids shared their pizza and each has two slices.  They really liked it and I stole a bite for a taste test and thought it was quite good.
Overall, it was about $10 with our voucher, so $30 all together.  Considering the quality and that we had leftovers for all of use for lunch the next day, I think that’s very affordable.  Next time, I am going back on a warm evening because they have a patio outside for dining during the warmer months.


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  • Anonymous

    Your pizza looks and sounds delish! We had a totally different experience though. I think we're pretty easy to please too. You can't go too wrong with pizza, right?! We went on a weekend night and it was not very crowded. We too sat in a booth. All of the staff were very nice. However, we waited forever for our pepperoni pizza, calzone and salad. We must have colored and played tic tac toe a hundred times before the pizza came out. My kids had to use the bathroom so we go in the women's and there was no toilet paper and the bathroom was a mess! I walked out to ask someone for toilet paper and no one was available. I saw some tp under the cash register so I took it and put it in the bathroom. Finally got our pizza and it came out burnt. The calzone had lots of good stuff inside but was tasteless as well. We used our Seize the Deal as well so no real loss.

  • That is a totally different experience! I hope you will give them another shot, we really liked it!

  • We went on a Friday early evening before my daughters basketball game and our experience was very much like Stephanie's experience! We also used our seize the deal! I hope you give them another chance since, everyone has off days sometimes! 🙂

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