Review of Steepleton Playsets


Recently, with the weather warming up, I was really wanting a playset for the kids in the backyard. We just moved into our home last fall and I think they are the perfect age for it.  So, I headed to St. Matthews and visited the Steepleton showroom.  They showed me the different sets at various prices, explaining the differences and the warranty information.  We had been looking online and at your typical places like Costco and Home Depot but we had several concerns about weight limits on those structures, our ability to put it together to that it was safe for the kids and the quality of the materials.  At the Steepleton showroom, I was impressed with the quality of their stock and seeing them up close, I realized there was just no way I wanted to put one of these together, just my husband and I.

I chose an age appropriate set that has a variety of things to climb and explore, one that they can grow into.  I liked that their Woodplay sets have rounded edges on the beams and that all of the screws and bolts are sunken in the wood and not exposed.  I like that I could choose a lighter color slide so it wouldn’t get hot and had a choice of colors for the tarp.  And, the swings have the coating on them for a better grip and protecting little fingers.  Then, we had to choose the wood. There was a several hundred dollar price different to go with cedar rather than redwood, so my husband and I chose the cedar to save money and thought the 10 year warranty was absolutely enough for us (redwood has a lifetime warranty).  I was very satisfied with the service and the pricing on the structure.  They had a spring sale going on.  We scheduled the installation for about 2 weeks later. Since this is a popular set, I couldn’t get it installed immediately but that was just fine for us.  I should have thought of this back in March and not wasted time looking at so many other places!

On the day of the installation, they told me roughly when they were going to arrive and when they were headed my way, they gave me a call.  Two men arrived with the supplies, surveyed the backyard and discussed with me the orientation of the set and where I wanted it.  They quickly got to work and like the pros that they are, they installed that set in under 3 hours.  I watched them as they got the positioning right to make it level and secured all of the pieces in place.  They had a placement issue in my yard due to a dip in the ground in one area and a small hill in another area, so they conferred with me and got permission to move it slightly and ad a support piece to leave it.  They were very consciencious that the set was installed properly.  This would have taken my husband and I days to do and several follow-up appointments at physical therapy because we totally would have killed our backs!

After 3 hours of watching it be installed, my children ran out to climb, jump and swing! They said it was awesome over and over and asked if they could keep it in the yard forever!  Since the installation, my 5 year old son has finally gotten enough practice and is swinging and pumping his legs on his own. And, we have had numerous picnics up on the playset platform.  Our youngest dog likes to take shelter in the shade under the set.  It’s just what we needed to complete our back yard.


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