Review of Thunder Preview Party 2012


The Thunder Preview Party is one of the first events kicking off the Kentucky Derby Festival every year and it is definitely one of our favorite family-friendly events.  It’s held at Bowman Field on a weekday evening and you can get in with a Pegasus Pin or a Thunder Funder Cup from McDonald’s, the event sponsor. (Kids under 6 don’t need a pin or a cup to enter!)

 At this event, you and your kids will enjoy exploring a variety of vehicles and aircraft used for Thunder Over Louisville.  Also, there are activities and freebies inside of the hanger like inflatables, face painting, temporary tattoos and more!  It’s such a simple event but every year, my kids just love it and have so much fun.  So, if you didn’t go this year, consider it for next year!  It’s usually early in April, get your Pegasus Pins early and head to Bowman Field!

I recommend getting there right when it starts at 5pm and you will not have traffic/parking issues.  You will be there for about 1-2 hours and then go and grab some dinner (or eat some concessions there!).


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