CONTEST! James Byrd Photography Session

Grandmother Power at Ali Center
Family Adventure Day

PhotobucketPhotobucketIf you are like me, you are constantly snapping photos hoping to get that prized shot of your kids looking so cute or a lovely photo of your sweet baby sleeping. Photos are such treasures and for the thousands we often snap, talented photographers can capture for you within minutes. James Byrd Photography is offering a wonderful prize, and they are definitely talented photographers! A FREE portrait session! This is valued at at least $200. Their portfolio is fantastic, see some samples of their work HERE and on their blog. They also have a lot of photos for browsing on their Facebook page.

Papa Johns Pizza
Louisville Zoo Halloween
KCD Open House


  • Anonymous

    This website is terrible. Can you please make it easier to navigate?? It looks like a third grader made it. I would hire new developers if I were you.. Just a suggestion. I do appreciate the coupons. The reviews are ok, but you can tell it is all an "ad", not a true "review". It is more helpful to my family to have some negative reviews as well, so we know what not to do.

  • Anonymous reader: thank you for your comments. I made this website and I am not a third grader, but an educated woman and mother. This website thrives on content, so I will continue to do my own website development to the best of my self-taught ability. The reviews are indeed reviews and those that are ads are labeled so. We are quite honest about that. We tend to find the positive aspects in what we do around town as we want this to be an inviting website, not overly negative. If we find something negative, we mention it and provide constructive criticism for the business or event or offer tips to parents regarding these negative experiences. We have done so on several occasions. We encourage people to experience the positive in Louisville and not focus on the negative since our website is centered around Louisville Family FUN!

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