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From their press release: The Science Center’s newest exhibit, Science in Play, powered by PNC is now open. The exhibit is specially
designed to encourage science learning through the lens of play for children ages 3-7 and their caregivers, while
celebrating the innate curiosity in children. Science in Play is a customized new exhibit, commissioned by and
built specifically for the Science Center. The exhibit encompasses 5,800 square feet and is divided into six
separate activity zones: The Sensory Course, Testing Area, Big Build, Small Build, The Science Depot, and
The Shapes & Stuff Store. Rich in loose parts, sensory and intuitive materials, children and their caregivers will
be invited to build, test, imagine, problem solve and engineer, behaving and thinking like scientists—all while
playing. Signage is designed and used to assist caregivers in interpreting play as learning.

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From their press release: Science in Play runs through January 1, 2013. Admission to the exhibit is free with
museum admission, which is $13 for adults, $11 for children ages 2-12, and free for Science Center members.
In addition to regular admission, visitors can also purchase a Play Pass for Science in Play for $20 per month.
The Play Pass offers access to all Science Center exhibits for one adult and up to four children under age 8
during the week. For families with young children, the Science Center will also offer free play dates inside the
exhibit on the first Tuesday of each month from 8:30-9:30 a.m., exclusively for children ages four and younger.

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We enjoyed 2 hours of fun and learning at this exhibit.  My son was so focused on building with the large blue blocks and creating a roller coaster masterpiece. He was truly experimenting with the pieces to make it work! The vacuum tube wall was a blast, especially when the science center representative came over to give the kids ideas about how to make it even more fun by putting in a bunch of different colored scarves, waiting for them to fly out and only grabbing the orange one and then only grabbing the blue and so on.  When we went to the next room, my daughter completed her shopping list of shapes and was so proud!  In those 2 hours, we didn’t do everything, so it’s definitely worth a trip back.  I would recommend this exhibit for elementary school age and younger, I think that’s an ideal age group although older kids can still have fun with it.  Remember, the Science Center has $5 admission after 5pm on Friday’s and Saturdays! And, the $20 play pass is a great deal for families with young children!


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