Review of Vacation by V



If you follow Louisville Family Fun on Facebook and Twitter, you saw photos of my trip from Louisville to Orlando. We visited the Nickelodeon Suites Resort for a 3 day, 2 night trip and were able to spend one of those days at Disney World!  Vacation by V made it so easy to book my trip.  Vicky Spencer Rouse, the owner, and I corresponded via email and she very quickly secured me a flight.  It’s not more expensive to use a travel agent! She is well-versed in getting the most bang for your buck and knows about all of the flight options from Louisville to Orlando.  I would have been spending a lot of time investigating the differences in traveling on a Thursday vs. a Friday, connecting or not and the best times to travel.  She knew what I was looking for a found me great flights.   She sent me the itinerary and the week of my trip, she checked in with me to give me some tips and reminders.

Also, she knows so much about Disney World. I was a bit overwhelmed thinking of all of the options for parks, dining, transportation, shows and more.  I wanted to make sure we could squeeze in the best things to do without trying to do too much with a 5 year old.  She offered advice that I wouldn’t have gotten from just reading the Disney pamplets or website.  Plus, if you do a web search about tips, the results are endless.  I felt like I could just ask her and get an answer, the end!

It was a wonderful trip and I would recommend that if you are planning a trip out of town soon, especially to Disney, check with Vacation by V.  It certainly can’t hurt and it just might save you time and money!


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