The Salvations Army Tea Fundraiser


Recently, I took a tour of the Louisville Salvation Army building that is in the old M.A.L.E high school building.  I had an eye-opening experience as I spoke with Sara Cunningham, Director of Community Relations.  When I think of the Salvation Army, I think of the kettles and holiday donations. But what I didn’t realize, is that the Salvation Army is helping people of our community, and families, every single day.  Their needs run year-round as they provide shelter for men and women.  They even have new renovations that serve as separate housing for families as they try to give them a hand-up to improve their lives and become independent.

I hope to work with them in the future on some endeavors; you’ll be hearing about it! I walked around and visited their dining areas, clothing services, demanding laundry facilities and more and thought of so many ideas in which Louisville Family Fun can help bring some family fun, mentoring and support to the people seeking help from the Salvation Army.

I wanted to make you aware of a new fundraiser they are having. It’s a tea!  They will have a speaker, silent auction items and a wonderful catered tea. This would be a great event for a group of lady friends, sisters, co-workers etc.  All of the proceeds directly benefit what the Salvation Army is doing here in Louisville all year round.

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