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The Louisville Free Public Library has so much family programming! We want to highlight one of these from this summer to encourage you to look into these events so you don’t miss them!

PhotobucketPhotobucketWe went downtown earlier this summer to the Main library to check out
Junie B Jones! The event started right on time at 10:30 am and the
house was packed!! Louisville is home to some serious Junie B fans! I
took my daughter to the event and we both had a really great time. I
am always impressed with how well the LFPL staff orchestrates these
huge events and there was no exception this time either.

We were
pointed into the auditorium as soon as we arrived where it was
standing room only! The event was in partnership with Carmichaels Bookstore and one of their reps was introducing the event when we
walked in. There were free t-shirts for select people who had a ticket
under their seat. After the prizes, the performance began and Miss
Junie B came out on stage! She and another character from the book
series began a very funny, silly, and lively dialogue! Junie had a big
“pink trunk of junk” that she was pulling items out of to entertain
the crowd. Everyone in the audience was engaged and laughing the
entire time!

After their live theatrical performance, Junie was available to
“stamp” kids’ books for them. You could have brought your own books,
or purchased one from Carmichaels. They were selling for $5-15. It was
a great opportunity to support this local bookstore. I let my daughter
buy one but we did not stand in the line-it was a very long one!
Because of the crowd, Junie was not available for individual pictures.
That was a little disappointing but parents could snap a quick photo
as they approached her while she stamped the books.

PhotobucketThe library staff had some other fun activities going on such as a
coloring/cut/paste station, pin the bow on Junie, a matching bows game
hung up on a wall, and some seek’n’finds related to the book series.
Outside of the Main doors was the infamous stupid smelly bus! Kids
could go in and take a quick little tour, and it made for a great
photo op!

All in all, this was a splendid event, especially for kids who really
love the Junie B Jones books and that feisty little kindergartener!
Click here to check out more fun events at the library!   This was a special event that only took place that one day but we wanted to write about it to encourage you to explore these special events. When special events like this come along, you don’t want to miss it!

And support a Louisville local – stop by Carmichaels Bookstore too!

The event was highlighting and celebrating the 20 year anniversary of
the publication of the Junie B Jones book series, which you can always
find at your local branch of the library!

By guest contributor: Erin

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